Jobs and Project Milestones on Moneo

Published on May 16, 2017 02:36 PM

Whatever method you use to hire a consultant on Moneo, you can add milestones to your project. Milestones allow you to continue working with the freelancer, and making regular payments based on their work.

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Moneo Freelancer Verification and Quality Process – Beta

Published on March 24, 2017 10:45 PM

Expert freelancers and consultants have told us they to work alongside skilled and professional peers, and clients don’t want to churn through dozens of proposals, or search through hundreds of profiles to find a diamond in the rough. 

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Moneo Escrow Payment System Architecture

Published on March 02, 2017 05:02 PM

This guide explains the Moneo payment system architecture. The payment system is broken into two components; the Moneo marketplace and the Escoin Bitcoin escrow payment system.

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Introduction to Payments on Moneo

Published on January 24, 2017 08:00 AM

Our payment system Escoin (short for Escrow Coin) securely processes transactions on the Bitcoin network.  In this blog we describe the payment process for job and gig transactions on Moneo.

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Freelancing on Moneo

Published on January 23, 2017 08:00 PM

Moneo profiles and gigs score based on weighted metrics.  Quality really is important (we want our clients to work with the best freelancers, like you!).  Read this blog to learn how to get the most out of Moneo.

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Welcome to Moneo

Published on January 22, 2017 01:00 PM

Moneo enables businesses and individuals to hire talented freelancers using Bitcoin

  • A Moneo Profile enables a freelancer to connect with clients
  • Hourly jobs offer most flexibility, and are ideal for projects
  • Fixed price jobs are ideal for simple tasks
  • Gigs are ideal for fixed price pre-packaged offerings

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